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You Win Some…..You Lose Some

Remember to keep flexible and lower your expectations when looking for wildlife. My cousin, E, and I took a girls’ weekend to Jasper, Alberta at the beginning of May in hopes of getting photos of some bear cubs. This is a typical time when Jasper is flooded with photographers all searching for the new cubs of the year (COY).

The weekend started out promising with three bear sightings between Lake Louise and Jasper. Then came the prize…. a tiny black bear cub sitting in the grass nibbling while mom grazed nearby. The pair created a parking lot along the highway but seemed totally oblivious to the attention. Conservation Officers were on hand to keep traffic moving and to be sure NO ONE GOT OUT OF THEIR VEHICLE. The minute you open your door to step out, you can face a hefty fine. This is to ensure the safety of the bears and people.

Unfortunately, this was the only cub we would see for the next three days, despite constant efforts. Apparently our timing was off for this year. Not all was lost. We did see a number of other bears, numerous elk, a marmot, a male and a female moose, a raven feeding on a squirrel, and a bald eagle with two eaglets in her nest.

Many of the bear sightings will soon be added to my wildlife art in my shop. My favourite of the weekend was the eaglets. The photos are not what I would consider art-worthy but interesting all the same. Definitely faces only a mother could love.

Every time I head out in search of wildlife, I may have a target in mind, but Mother Nature always has the final say. Try not to have high expectations when out shooting so as not to be disappointed.

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