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Horsing Around

I had so much fun on my recent trip to Colorado to visit my cousin. She asked me to do some photos of her with her horse, Chester. Being the person that I am, I went all out with our horsing around and did 3 photo shoots of her with various outfit changes.

Smile for the camera Chester!

I definitely came prepared to play. I brought a few dresses and accessories, including making a white flowing train made from curtains. She wore this during our sunrise shoot to get that flowing dress look as she rode past on Chester.

The first shoot was in the evening with B wearing a typical country girl look. This made for some beautiful classic images. The second was at sunrise with B wearing a classic country girl white dress and then changing it up to blouse, skort and the long white train. The last shoot was another evening event with B sporting a black high style skirt, corset and long black train for her “Whiskey Girl” photos……complete with Uncle Nearest whiskey bottle in hand.


I really couldn’t decide if I liked the colour, black and white or sepia toned versions. Which do you like best? I think the Whiskey Girl photos with the moon in the background look best in colour showing off the twilight colours.

Of course, when shooting animals, as with children, much patience is needed, but the outtakes make for enjoyable editing. I’m always ready for a laugh. Here’s a few photos of Chester….well, being a horse, rather than a professional model.

As we were doing these photos, two of B’s friends wanted in on the action. Ooooo…..more playdates for this photographer! I couldn’t have had a better mini vacay with all this horsing around.

I selected a few of the photos from these shoots to create my latest limited edition Cowgirl Collection. Coming soon……If interested, please send me a note.

Finished images of other horses can be seen on my website: www.shellypriest.com

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